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The right people and the right equipment to get the job done

Chinook Drilling, a division of Total Energy Services Inc., supplies contract drilling services throughout Western Canada.

Chinook Drilling prides itself on a modern, efficient fleet of drilling rig equipment staffed with experienced management and operating personnel that have drilled horizontal, managed-pressure wells throughout the WCSB.

We offer our customers a quality drilling rig fleet including:

  • PREP 800 AC, REM 850, Rigmaster P500 and P750 telescopic doubles with horizontal wells drilled in excess of 5500 meters.
  • REM 400 telescopic single rated at 1,800m TVD, with horizontal wells drilled in excess of 2,400m. Our singles are designed for minimal disturbance locations; they are light, efficient and versatile.
  • Top Drives, 125/250/350, available and compatible with our entire fleet.
  • Additional pump skids available
All of our rigs are constructed with safety and simplicity in mind. The combination of the two provides an excellent working environment for our staff and reliable equipment for our custom
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